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Freelancer that designs and carries out internet strategies to increase Websites' click-through and conversion rates

Activities and Portfolio at Enviu
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“Ricardo is a hard worker who is passionate about online marketing. Challenging assignments are a motivation to him. He is very creative and always likes to think about different solutions and creative approaches. In his work he aims for perfection, so he delivers high quality work.”

Walter aan de Wiel
Project Manager: Open Source House

 Activities: Creativity - Web Optimization - Social Media - Email Marketing
Creativity: co-wrote a digital spot to promote the project in both English and Spanish
                                                (English version) - (Spanish version


Creativity: co-created the slogan

Web Optimization: Added datamining features on important pages to increase sign up rates

Social media: created relevant content for a 2.0 strategy that achieved both web traffic and a bidirectional conversation with our followers.

1.- Blog posts

2.- Facebook

3.- Twitter

E-mail Marketing: Targeted to a Spanish speaking market, I wrote an email campaign that signed in 520 participants for the International Design Competition.

1. Mail sent to deans and teachers of architecture and building design faculties

Subject line: Formar arquitectos que construyan una realidad sostenible

 2. Mail sent to architecture studios

Subject line: Diseñar casas eco-eficientes y asegurar su construcción


 3. Mail sent to students of architecture and building design

Subject line: Practica ahora y se un experto en el diseño de una vivienda sostenible

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